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Tips For Selling Jewelry at Festivals & Markets

As summer comes to an end, you may be thinking... "What can I do to maintain steady sales until the holiday season comes?"

The weather starts to cool off, school starts and fall approaches. Thousands of people get to enjoy seeing local vendors showcase their jewelry at many events across the country.

One thing I did as a business owner during this time that worked very well was to sign up to be a merchant at local or state fairs, festivals, farmers markets, carnivals, rallies, fun runs, sports and music events... The list goes on and on. Heck! One time I made EPIC sales at a pumpkin patch! 

So many events happen in the fall, it's a great way to be around people!

It's also a great way to stay connected with your local community and keep your sales steady.

You can find festival directories easily online and through local social media to connect with the leasing agents to get your spot secured!


Tip #1 Preplanning your set up will make getting started quick and easy!

When you're getting started selling jewelry at any kind of local festival or market you may become overwhelmed thinking of everything you need to fit in your booth. In reality, festivals and markets are made for quick and easy access, so don't worry about creating the "perfect" set up, because that doesn't always equal sales. To get yourself started selling jewelry at festivals and markets, you should aim for something that is cheap and easy to set up.

Seriously, just get a few fold-out tables, nice table cloths, jewelry displays, a few pieces of decor from a hobby store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels to spruce up your merchandising, a 10'x10' popup tent (sometimes this is included), some lights if the event goes into the night and few fold out chairs. BOOM! You'll be making sales in no time!


Tip #2 Location, Location, Location!!!

While finding the best festivals and markets for you to display your jewelry at is important, the location of your booth/tent is even more important at these events.

Try to be close to food, drinks and music for the most traffic walking by. 


Tip #3 Work Your Booth

Every person that passes by your booth is a potential sale. But how do you get them to stop and look at your jewelry? You have to grab their attention.

For me, I found that displaying my most unique pieces closer to the front of my booth and actually creating jewelry inside my booth to be the perfect recipe for success. 



The Best Jewelry to Sell at Festivals and Markets:

1. Personalized Rings

Personalizing anything for the holidays is a great sentimental gift that people are wanting, with our stamping starter kit you can easily take it anywhere with no power needed, unlike laser engravers.

If you aren't currently personalizing jewelry, you can get started easily with low upfront costs with our Ring Stamping Starter Kit which includes everything you need to get started personalizing rings with a few of our best-selling styles!


2. Mood Rings

Mood rings offer a bit of fun nostalgia for everyone from kids to adults. Add a few mood rings to your booth at every market as a simple way to draw people in to look at your other pieces.


3. Layered Necklaces & Stackable Rings

While you have the customer's attention, you want to maximize the sale with add on's like stackable rings, layered bracelets and necklaces, to make a great complete look and increase your AOV.

Offer a "Build your own necklace or bracelet'' Use our wide variety of chains, charms and findings to allow your customers to pick a chain and the charms they want and build it for them right on the spot.

It is a great way to keep people at your booth which will attract more people because they want to see what all the fuss is about. When people see other people buying, they will buy.


Plus... people like to watch you make things. It's entertaining and much more special. Bonus! You can charge more because it's a service.


Here is a link to my necklace building video to learn simple techniques of how to open and close jump rings and put necklaces together.



Quick note for added sales...Always have gift boxes ready for the person that doesn't want to wrap it... You can give it away for free or add a little upcharge for "Gifting" and this will increase your margin.


If you can get away for a's a great way to get paid to travel across the country from fair to fair.


I remember one year, I started in south Florida and hit a festival every weekend all the way to Louisiana over 2 months, it was a blast! I got to see amazing places I wouldn't normally have gone to and made tons of loot in the process.


Fun Fact...Towards the middle of Q4 Many people are searching for holiday gifts. You'll start seeing "Holiday markets" pop up everywhere which will then lead you into the end of the Q4 Holiday buying spree to finish off your year strong!


Finally, the most important thing... have fun and enjoy the fall season!


Good luck!


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