Stainless steel Figaro chain with a variety of different widths.
Stainless steel Figaro chain.
Stainless steel Figaro chain hanging.
Stainless steel Figaro chain on a black velvet bust.
CHN9500 - Stainless Steel Figaro Chain Necklace

CHN9500 - Stainless Steel Figaro Chain Necklace

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Description:  Stainless steel figaro chain necklace

Approx. Weight: 8 grams

Available Widths: 03mm-08", 03mm-09", 03mm-18", 03mm-20", 03mm-22", 03mm-24", 03mm-26", 03mm-30", 03mm-34", 04mm-08", 04mm-09", 04mm-16", 04mm-18", 04mm-20", 04mm-22", 04mm-24", 04mm-26", 04mm-30", 04mm-34", 05mm-08", 05mm-09", 05mm-18", 05mm-20", 05mm-22", 05mm-24", 05mm-30", 05mm-34", 06mm-08", 06mm-09", 06mm-18", 06mm-20", 06mm-24", 06mm-30", 07mm-08", 07mm-09", 07mm-18", 07mm-20", 07mm-22", 07mm-24", 07mm-26", 07mm-30", 07mm-34", 08mm-08", 08mm-09", 08mm-18", 08mm-20", 08mm-24", 09mm-08", 09mm-09", 09mm-18", 09mm-20", 09mm-24", 09mm-30", 12mm-08", 12mm-09", 12mm-18", 12mm-20", 12mm-24", 12mm-30", 12mm-34"

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CHN9500 - Stainless Steel Figaro Chain Necklace