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Orion mPulse Permanent Jewelry Welding System / PJW0001
The Perfect Permanent Jewelry Welding Solution The Orion mPulse welder for permanent jewelry is the perfect permanent jewelry...
Orion PJ - The Original Permanent Jewelry Welder / PJW0002
The Orion PJ Pulse Arc Welder was designed specifically for permanent jewelry artists for fine chain welding.  Simple...
Permanent Jewelry Welding Tools Starter Kit for Permanent Jewelry / PJB0001
The most convenient and quickest way to make sure you equip your permanent jewelry business with all the...
Ready to start creating Permanent Jewelry? We've partnered with Sunstone Welders to offer you this full tank of...
The Premium Gas Regulator for Orion permanent jewelry welders attaches to your Argon Gas Tank, regulating the gas...
Pilot Electrode Sharpener for Permanent Jewelry / PJA0003
The Pilot Electrode Sharpener helps you keep your Orion tungsten electrodes sharp and ready for welding permanent jewelry....
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