Intro into Personalized Jewelry

How to Make a Bar Necklace

Big things have small beginnings! Join Tony Crisafi in this introduction to stamping, where he takes you on a step by step guide to customizing a bar necklace. Being able to offer your customers personalized jewelry can add easy profit to any business.

How to Make a Cuff Bracelet

Learn how to shape and stamp a simple cuff bracelet with Tony Crisafi, an expert with over ten years of experience in the jewelry industry.

How to Make a Keychain

Making a custom keychain for your customers is a great way to stand out from the competition. This video teaches you how in less than 7 minutes.

How to Make a 3-Stacked Pendant Necklace

Adding layers to a personalized necklace allows your customers to have more options when it comes to stamping. Tony Crisafi walks you through this process with supplies available on

How to Stamp a Personalized Ring

Once you learn how to stamp one ring, you can do them all! Learn how to personalize rings for your customers in this detailed step by step guide with Tony Crisafi, CEO of Wholesale Jewelry Website.