February 15, 2021 Due to winter storms, some areas of the country will experience delays in shipping. Please consider this when choosing a shipping service.

February 5, 2021  New gold 2mm ring added to CFR0264, click here to shop.

February 1, 2021  If you have shopped on the previous website and you are accustomed to certain SKU ID's Please remove the BS or WS from the beginning of the previous SKU ID when searching. (I.E. WSCFR3029 is now CFR3029 or BSSCR4044 is now SCR4044)

January 25, 2021 — To create a faster ordering experience for our customers, we have combined a few SKU items together that are the same besides the widths. The items changed will have the picture with the correct rings and available widths as the main picture. (I.E. CFR2003 8mm and CFR0003 6mm is now combined into CFR0003 6mm and 8mm, CFR7033 8mm and CFR7031 6mm is now combined CFR7031 6mm and 8mm)