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Orion mPulse Permanent Jewelry Welding System / PJW0001
Orion mPulse Permanent Jewelry Welding System / PJW0001
Orion mPulse Permanent Jewelry Welding System / PJW0001

Orion mPulse Permanent Jewelry Welding System / PJW0001

Product Code: PJW0001

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The Perfect Permanent Jewelry Welding Solution

The Orion mPulse welder for permanent jewelry is the perfect permanent jewelry solution for three reasons:

  1. Cost. A low entry level price sets the stage for a quick breakeven and bigger ROI.
  2. Power. All you need is 3 to 15 joules of energy—maybe less, maybe more depending on the chain. The Orion mPulse delivers that and more!
  3. Simplicity. The only setting you need to worry about is power. The Orion mPulse does the rest.

With a 30ws power potential, the mPulse can be used by almost anyone and has the power to tackle all sorts of jobs. It’s perfect for those needing a welder for making quick, small welds on a light duty cycle.


  • Professional Grade Micro-Welds. Power ranges from 3-30 Joules
  • Travels Easily. It's tabletop-design lets you work at jewelry parties, fairs and festivals, or in your shop
  • Sets Up Quickly. You only need a few minutes to set up and prep for your customers
  • Easy to Learn and Use. Simple touchscreen control you just use your finger to select a power level and you're ready to go
  • Made in the USA. Quality US Manufacturing and US-based Customer Service


What is in the Box:
(1) Orion mPulse Welder/Power Supply and Stylus Hand Piece
(1) Orion mPulse Welder Power Cord (2 pieces)
(2) Alligator Clips
(1) Shielding Gas Hose*
(1) Electrode Vial (five 1.0 mm Electrodes)
(1) Fiberglass Brush
(1) Darkening Lens System (lens and stand) with attached RJ45 Cable

*You will need to purchase an Argon tank and regulator in order to use this welder.


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The Most Popular Permanent Jewelry Welder

More permanent jewelry artists choose the Orion mPulse™ than any other pulse arc welder. How do we know that? Just do a quick social media search and take notice of which welder successful artists are using. It's the Orion mPulse. And here's why:

  • Made in the USA. You can count on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • US-Based Sales and Service. When you need help we're only a text or phone call away.
  • High Value and Quick ROI. It won't take many bracelets to pay for your Orion mPulse.
  • Permanent Jewelry Features. No fancy feature set; just what you need to close a link.
  • Easy to Learn and Use. Just use your finger to select a power level and you're ready to go.
  • Sets Up Quickly. You only need a few minutes to set up and prep for your customers.
  • Travels Easily. It's tabletop-design lets you work at jewelry parties, fairs, or in your shop.
  • A Jewelry Pedigree. Designed for the bench jeweler and their craft.

Trending. Everyone Wants One!


One quick search on social media results in one clear answer: Everyone is talking about permanent jewelry.


Fashionistas are accenting their look with a fine silver, gold, or platinum chain—or set of chains on wrists and ankles.


Never lose a bracelet. Never catch a clasp on your favorite sweater or blouse. Permanent jewelry is worry free.

Made in the USA Quality

All Orion permanent jewelry welders are proudly made in the USA. When you purchase an Orion permanent jewelry welder you can be confident of welder quality and safety—and support American workers.

Friendly US-Based Customer Service

Help is just a phone call away! In minutes you'll be speaking with a US-based, native-English speaking and experienced customer service representative ready to solve your permanent jewelry welding challenges. love our products but they rave about our service!

A Brand You Can Trust

 We're constantly making improvements and adjustments to our customers' benefit. When you choose an Orion permanent jewelry welder you can be confident in quality, safety, and reliability.

Continuously Improving to Serve You

As a certified ISO 9000/2015 organization, continuously improving processes and procedures that result in higher quality and the absolute best customer service.

Permanent Jewelry in 6 Easy Steps

ONE: Measure Out the Chain
After your customer has chosen their preferred chain, wrap the chain around the wrist or ankle and determine a fit that is not too tight nor too loose.  Mark the link on the chain you will cut.

TWO: Cut the Chain
Using the cutting pliers that come with the perement Jewelry Starter kit ( insert link here )cut one side of the link in half. Do NOT cut the whole link in half.  Make sure the cut link does not fall off the chain.

THREE: Prep the Link for Welding
Using the two chain pliers that come with your kit, bend the two ends of the cut link away from each other to create a gap wide enough to slide the uncut link (on the opposite side of the chain) through the cut link.  Then bend the ends of the cut link back together.
FOUR: Keep Your Customers Safe
Place your customer's wrist or ankle under the automatic darkening lens, with the lens facing the customer.  Instruct others in the room not to look directly at the chain when welding. Place the protective leather patch between the chain and your customer's skin to prevent a burn, which is unlikely but possible. Make sure your customer records the next step and posts to social media.

FIVE: Weld the Link Closed
On the Orion mPulse, select the power you'll need to weld the link closed. If you're unsure, start with a low amount of power, like 3 joules. Using the chain pliers that come with your kit, apply pressure to both ends of the cut link to bring them together. While maintaining pressure on both ends with the pliers, touch the joint to the electrode. The Orion mPulse will create a weld. Check the weld for position and strength.

SIX: Polish the Chain
Take the fiberglass brush that comes with your kit and polish the weld.  Some types of metal will leave more soot than others.


Start Your Own Permanent Jewelry Business

The popularity and demand for permanent jewelry creates a wonderful business opportunity. You don't have to be a jeweler to be a permanent jewelry artist. With the Orion mPulse and practice you can quickly learn to close even the smallest fine chain bracelet or anklet. All you need are the right tools.

Let's take a quick look at the numbers:

Most permanent jewelry artists are investing about USD $4,000 for all the tools and supplies they need to get started. You may invest a bit more, or bit less depending upon the type of chain you sell. To breakeven, sell 100 anklets or bracelets at USD $40.

How quickly can you sell 100 bracelets or anklets?

At fairs or home parties, some permanent jewelry artists are selling 10 chains in two to three hours. Given that rate, you'll break even after only 10 events! Of course, these numbers will change due to a number of different possibilities; but it does give you an idea of how quickly you can recoup your investment.

How do you sell permanent jewelry?

Fair, farmers markets, and home parties seem to have the biggest return. Or add permanent jewelry to your existing jewelry studio, beauty shop, boutique, tattoo or piercing studio.


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