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Copper blank washer pendant at an angle.
Copper blank washer pendant with a penny for scale.

SBB0189 - Copper Blank Washer Pendant

Product Code: SBB0189

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Description: Looking for a simple but stylish pendant? The Copper Blank Washer Pendant is perfect! Made from high-quality copper, it's best for those who want a minimalist look. The washer shape is also perfect for versatile wear - you can dress it up or down depending on your outfit. A great everyday piece that will soon become one of your favorites!

The Wholesale Copper Blank Washer Pendant is made with copper and other alloys of metals like brass, bronze, and zinc. 

Copper jewelry has many benefits.

  • Improves nerve function

  • Maintains blood pressure

  • Promotes absorption of minerals

  • Copper is also a strong metal and withstands the test of time.

Approx. Weight: 3.2 gram(s)

Approx. Dimensions(mm) 26mm x 26mm

Approx. Dimensions(Inches): 1.02" x 1.02"

Approx. Inside Dimensions(mm): 12.5mm x 12.5mm